Negative Thinking or just Different Thinking?

The hope is that no one is wrapped in a mindset that is negative. Even if it is possible that negative thinking can become somewhat of an addiction, it is helpful to remember what is reality and what is imagined. When the outcome of something turns out many times better than what is expected, the relief that can be had at the conclusion is exhilarating. Many people base their expectations on what already happened in their past experience, so it becomes easier to adopt the mindset of “whatever happens, happens” because they simply don’t care to think of any alternative besides what they know. Too often in the search for valuable inspiration these so-called “negative thinkers” are labeled as such by a society that doesn’t see past the surface. There is the phrase “think different”, which has become widely known. What is growth? Growth is being able to “think different” even if something registers as negative to others.


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