Not the “End Times” or “Final Stages”


People toss around the term ‘civil war’ in politics like it is something that is likely to happen. They say this for the main reason that the US as a country is a deeply divided place. Deeply divided. There is vitriol and malicious attacks existing from either side of the political aisle, and it is debatable if either side wants to reconcile. The effect this produces, although it is not widely acknowledged, is that it causes a large number of the population to refrain from any democratic participation. What ends up happening is the loudmouths and extremists from either side dominate the discussion. However, when unnamed sources say the “end times” are near, or the final stages before a collapse occurs are upon us, it is questionable and doubtful. The reality is that the society which is in place now is indifferent enough to prevent such an event from happening. Not only that but it is entangled in misinformation or not enough information. Post-truth politics is a serious issue in itself but when it is connected (enabled) by the instantaneous ability to disperse information via social media, there becomes an even greater potential for error and deception. The speed of lies is something everyone has probably witnessed but maybe hasn’t actively taken note of. This can happen in the form of any social media post over the Internet, it may not even be accurate, truthful, or backed up by facts, but it is there nonetheless. And it’s endorsed for the main reason that it sounds good. Internet users can post anything, making it appear as credible. Policy is very important, because it structures society and the lawful boundaries in which it operates, but once the details and the implications of the policy are discredited or ignored by its advocates is when irrational decision-making is allowed to have power. Even though claims about “end times” may be circulating, this also is based on no real evidence, but on emotional response. Familiarize yourself with the history of certain laws, how they work, who they protect, why they were instituted to begin with. If the background is understood then an informed decision can be made. Social media has mostly negative consequences when it comes to truth-seeking. There are no longer only newspapers or radio. There is a worldwide plethora of peoples’ input which is mixed in with reporting that may or may not be true.


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