The Less Considered ‘Worst of Society’

Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 5.55.29 PM

There are the usual categories of ‘bad’ people in society i.e. serial killers, thieves, politicians (on occasion), etc. but what about the less considered forms of “bad” that exist in the world? Humans are raised knowing the standard forms of “bad”, mainly murderers, animal abusers, and other actions that are easy to identify for what they are. The concept of evil is in many minds an outwardly violent and graphic act. The reality of many forms of evil is that they look unassuming. People who wield the coercion tactic have absolute confidence in their ability to be successful with it. It is like second nature being able to use the powers of persuasion to influence the other. What sets coercion apart from other forms of evil is that it undermines a human being and their capacity to make decisions. This capacity is one of the most central and fundamental parts of being human, and if that is taken, it is like a strike to your brain. Why do you think people have revelations after the fact that resemble: “I can’t believe I let that happen”. Once the evil that is coercion starts being examined from a lens that treats it as the dehumanizing practice that it is, then a society will treat and respond to it differently. When the term ‘murder’ is mentioned the person will likely make an immediate association with a heinous act that requires swift justice and severe penalty, even death. But society is reluctant to call coercion ‘dehumanizing’. The idea may seem radical to people because of how often it occurs- not many people who have been coerced will readily admit to being dehumanized. Though it may be a radical idea to suggest coercion is dehumanizing, it is this kind of treatment that society needs to apply to such scenarios to at least think about it differently.


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