The Trick With Toxic People


Some, not all people associate detachment with isolationism and not taking interest in what’s happening around you or the people around you. This is an ugly lie that has worked its way into peoples’ perceptions of their fellow humans. This post will discuss why detachment is absolutely necessary in some situations. Most everyone knows the concept of a toxic person or has encountered a few. The symptoms are numerous, but the main ones include: 1) Frequent belittling, name-calling, or criticism for no significant reason (A.K.A. verbal abuse). 2) Only talking to you when they need something. 3) Placing the blame on someone else (or you) for something they did. 4) Is resistant when called to own up to their mistakes. 5) Has low empathy for others. 6) Radiates negativity/ constant complaining 7) Arrogance/ Will never admit when they are wrong.

To encounter a toxic person or even spend extended amounts of time with them can be one of the most suffocating experiences and feelings you will ever have. The longer you associate with someone toxic, the more isolated and trapped you will feel. People must surround themselves with those who help them grow, not those who constantly talk down to others. Detachment becomes an essential part of the growth process in this case. Detachment from negativity is always a good thing. This does not mean you no longer care about the person, it just means you are going to start caring for yourself a little more.

Sometimes toxic people want advice, but at the same time they mistake it for being lectured. In such scenarios, after repeated misconceptions, it is time to step away and let them evaluate their problems on their own. Once it reaches this point it is like a hamster wheel scenario. You’re going nowhere with them. Change starts within yourself, and if they don’t want change, there is nothing any outside person can do. You have to value your own happiness enough to know when and how to distance yourself from someone.


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