what things appear to be


For people who enjoy thinking in complex, abstract terms, reading a simple and seemingly straightforward statement may open up entirely new thoughts, ideas, and possibilities about a said thing. Taking things at face value and running with it, accepting things for what they appear to be, can lead to injury and disappointment in varying degrees of severity. However, there is a rather limited, but still existing space for not reading too much into things, for accepting them at face value. Generally speaking this is not a good idea to do, but nevertheless it has a carved out place in society and probably always will. There are certain instances where accepting things for what they are is crucial and it would be foolish to deny their realness. Some people like to question every little thing, because generating new ideas is their fuel. But there is a place to give this a rest. If you are intuitive enough you can tell when someone is being honest or if they are concealing something. When dealing with someone who you cannot trust, their every action becomes subject to scrutiny. What was the underlying motive for the actions? Is their motive actually simpler and less complex than what we have conjured up in our brains? As risky as it is, the protective bubble of questioning everything and the integrity of others needs to be torn down at times in order to allow them a chance to reveal themselves. After that, we can decide if they are true or not, if they are worth it. We can generate endless possibilities about a circumstance, movement, or people, but if we don’t offer a chance for them to reveal the true fabric of their character, we only have theories. There is no need to dominate or control these people, and we shouldn’t desire to. Merely listen to them and the conclusion will become clear. 


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