Character Is Destiny


In the world today people tend to overlook their own selves and do not direct their attention inwards to evaluate their thoughts, feelings, goals, values, beliefs, and what meaning they want for their lives. Many people today would probably be offended at such a proclamation as “character is destiny” because it suggests their character is a basis for what flows from and directs their lives and it therefore attaches high importance to it. Many do not like to be told that their character is a vitally important part of who they are and they should shape it into the best it can be. Many times character fails to be well-developed because people search for meaning and belonging in the wrong places. “Character is destiny” is a true statement if you closely observe the world. Someone with a certain set of mental qualities will take a different path than someone with the opposite mental qualities. In a world where people are finding their meaning through downloadable apps that direct attention towards everything except oneself, it is no wonder that people have such a poorly developed sense of who they are. In some cases their lives start to mimic, intentionally or not, the lives of those they see through that little screen. One’s character influences their destiny. It drives them towards certain actions and not others. It is becoming more difficult to truly know one’s own inner character, or devote any thought to it at all when the online world distracts from the true nature of oneself.


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