No Evidence, No Certitude

Where to begin? For the past 9 months US Media outlets have been relentlessly fixated on the fabricated idea of “Russian meddling.” To this day there has been zero evidence of such a thing having actually happened in the most recent election. To many, it seems implausible. It is beating a dead horse, yet the crazed media think not. “Allegedly” means no proof. With no Evidence, there is no certainty. Unfortunately many Americans have chosen to believe their messiah (Hillary Clinton to name just one). However Hillary Clinton knows Russia did not seize control of our voting machines or send physical people over to disrupt our systems. It is simply convenient for her to advocate for the fake narrative because she knows people are gullible and uninformed. 

To begin the timeline, first obviously was the American election. The outcome of this particular election seemed to shake people to their core. Soon after the election we started hearing rumors that appeared out of nowhere. Rumors about “Russian interference” and “Russian meddling”. This fantastic (fantastic in this sense = nonsensical) idea started spreading throughout American media very quickly and soon well-known US politicians started to be convinced of something for which there was no proof. So the obvious result then is that the citizens started buying into this lie. Politicians would even release public statements that set a tone of “this is fact.” “We must hold Russia accountable” and other stupid, predictable, programmed responses. 

December 2016. In the last weeks of Obama’s presidency he expelled 35 Russian diplomats and seized a couple (Russian) government compounds. Why? Because of the alleged interference in the election. Obama at that time had no proof whatsoever. 9 months later, still nothing. Russia did not retaliate because the Kremlin wanted to wait and see what the policies of the new administration would bring. As a result of 9 months, probably longer, of false US Media narrative, it is no wonder these certain attitudes of ignorance are saturating the country. 

July 2017. US imposes new sanctions on Russia. Prior sanctions have shown they have accomplished little. The US Media has not clearly conveyed what the Congress wants to accomplish by constantly throwing sanctions at Russia. It doesn’t solve anything and only worsens tensions.

August 2017. US orders the closure of Russian consulate in San Francisco. Every diplomat must vacate the premises. Fears of espionage sent US officials into a frenzy. US Media obsesses over the fact that there is black smoke coming from a chimney, which is a normal thing. At the end of the day, all these sanctions, all these reductions in the number of diplomats, and now the closing of the Russian consulate have all happened because of paranoia and fear over something that is not even proven. 


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