ISIS In The Philippines (Marawi City)

Marawi City, Philippines Taken Hold by ISIS

-The Philippines is not the only site in Southwest Asia where ISIS militants have tried to spread terror.

– In January 2016 ISIS admitted they are responsible for a firefight that killed 2 and injured 20 in Jakarta, Indonesia. “In almost every province of Indonesia there are ISIS cells.” In the 2000s, Jakarta defeated a homegrown extremist group linked with Al-Qaeda that was responsible for the Bali bombings in 2002.

– In June 2016, ISIS militants injured 8 people with a grenade at a nightspot in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

-One woman fleeing the fighting “left the city (Marawi) with her 5 children, including a 5-month-old baby, her 100-year-old grandmother whom she carried on her back, and a live chicken.”

“We walked for five hours because there was no transportation available and we had no money.”


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