Save Journalistic Integrity

Journalists have challenging work these days. There are no doubt aspiring and current journalists who want to report like a good journalist should, based on just the facts and leaving out the personal bias. This principle is what journalism is all about, essentially. However it puts a damper on things when all the major American news media outlets make up stories and put misleading or altogether deceiving slants on issues. One such example is one for the history books that will not soon be forgotten. The Huffington Post put out a prediction just before the 2016 election that Clinton had something like a 98-99% percent chance of winning the presidency and that her opponent had a 1-2% chance. Grossly exaggerated claims like this are what American citizens have to deal with. Regardless of who you wanted to win, the fact that stories and exaggerated (even baseless) claims like this are actually published is concerning and wrong. Other countries were laughing at this pathetic display of propaganda. This kind of “journalism” and “news” is anything but integrity, rather it is outright misleading and false. This is a slap in the face to anyone who aspires to be a journalist someday or anyone who is currently a journalist who wants to bring integrity and skill to the field. It smears journalism’s reputation. It’s causing many Americans to get their news from lesser known outlets. I am one of them. I have discussed with people from Generation X, Y (Millennial) and Z about the media. The general consensus in all groups was that no one trusts mainstream media. The reason? They find they are not getting the full story and that references within the article state “anonymous sources” as the place where their facts originate from. We want specifics. If you cannot name a source, what is the use? These sightings are happening more and more and it’s causing trust to diminish. The world of journalism is a good field, but it is being poisoned by people with an agenda who are willing to mislead the public with false claims.


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