A Disappointing Vision of the Future

In 2010 I envisioned 2017 as an idealistic arrival at the future. What it was about 2017 as opposed to 2014 or any other point in time, I don’t know. Now that 2017 is here I’ve realized that was a mindless vision. 2017 is anything but the ideal arrival at the future. Whether or not you got what you wanted in November I would argue this culture has worsened even more. We’re faced with the highest level of partiality and carelessness the world has ever seen. There are liars everywhere saying they’ve constructed an inclusive environment for everyone. This is simply not true. We know it’s not true because certain moralistic viewpoints are muffled in public discussion. It is not true no matter how big the institution is. It is one-sided no matter if the school has 3,000 people or 20,000 people. In the name of progress, regression is what’s really happening. There are numerous voices that don’t speak out anymore because the direction and tone of the culture has squashed, or tried to squash, their voices. I never envisioned 2017 to be the year that only one narrative is acceptable and diversity of opinion is a thing of the past. If anything I expected 2017 to be the point in time where all opinions are equally heard and none censored. Maybe I was missing something in 2010, or maybe it was because a different side held the power. Or maybe it’s just because the culture has regressed so badly regardless of which side holds the power. The media consistently sifts out stories or ideas that are contrary to the side they want their devotees to endorse. There are other cases where important stories are not reported or covered at all. This is what’s especially disturbing- that major “news” networks focus more on trivialities than serious breaches of security, privacy, or the well being of the nation as a whole. My vision I had in 2010 was certainly idealistic and has proved to be just a dreamy vision. The reality that we’ve reached is nothing like what I expected.


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