It’s not all talk no action/It’s also the strain on the brain

Commonly it’s true. All talk no action accounts for a sizable portion of our irritants. Also common is too much thinking and no action. There are ones who talk too much and don’t think and ones who think too much and don’t talk. A safe place to be is somewhere in between thinking well (fully) before talking while not crossing the line of verbal annoyance. It’s a tricky thing to master in social settings. Too much thinking and not acting on those carefully planned thoughts can be just as damaging as talking too much without thinking. It’s already known the bad things that can happen as a result of the latter.

Too much thinking and no action leaves you right at the start. Those who go overboard just by thinking make themselves believe they’ve actually gotten somewhere without actually accomplishing anything. Overthinking. All thinking and no action makes the likeliness for certain events to happen at zero percent. In this case opportunities are missed and the cycle of self-loathing continues. Too much thinking and no action is a great form of self-torture, but only if you’re up for going mad. The main thing is this can be just as harmful as the non-stop talkers who don’t utilize their mental filter.


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