the saying “if you want to be happy, be”


“As if it’s that easy. How many times have you seen or heard this saying? Do people who truthfully struggle with not being happy read this quote and think “this will work for me, sounds simple enough”

No. The truth is every time I read that quote I chuckle because there’s much more to it than that. Leo Tolstoy was incredible, remarkable, outstanding and truly gifted. But this quote makes it seem like the quest for happiness is overly simple and without obstacles. People who live by this quote are mostly already happy and have a generally positive view on life. They may not take little incidents and overthink them to the point where it dampens their spirit. They may not let anything that doesn’t directly happen to them affect them. It’s harder to live by this quote when things never turn out the way you planned, and even worse is when they turn out to be the worst case scenario. And this happens all the time. Even indulging in things that make you feel better or forget awhile don’t take away the hard reality that resurfaces every day. It’s hard for some to say “I’m going to be happy” when the only source of remote happiness comes from a vivid imagination and dreams you can write down. We can always “make the best” of a situation but where does that leave you? Sometimes better off, sometimes still stuck. For some, being happy is not really something that can “be” easily because of constant disappointment or nagging regrets. Even that takes a lot of work to get out of your mind. It’s just not that simple.”


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