Things (Extreme) Introverts Will Understand

  1. Spending so much time alone that you forget how to have a normal conversation with someone or interact normally with ease
  2. Declining any invite to anything ever
  3. Sitting in the back and sides of a room
  4. Not having profile pictures of your actual face (many people do this however)
  5. Being unsuspecting on social media
  6. Wanting to eliminate as many social connections as possible without making them wonder what’s going on
  7. Feeling powerful in an empty room
  8. Not knowing how to respond when someone tells you something personal about them. Because introverts don’t just tell personal things to anyone.
  9. Laboring excessively over what to say in a written message of any kind
  10. Avoiding social gatherings at all costs
  11. Sitting quietly in a room full of talkative people and thinking to yourself ‘my god, shut up’
  12. Always needing to know where the nearest exit is
  13.  Keeping quiet when you don’t know what to say
  14. Complete silence is the most welcome part of any day
  15. Not going out of your way to invest in people because things are bound to change
  16. 90% of your thoughts you never speak
  17. Dwelling on small things for too long
  18. Getting a knot in your stomach when you are invited to something
  19. Devising escape plans even when you’re not in threatening situations
  20. Using pseudonyms on the internet (although many people, not just introverts do this)
  21. Violent fantasies/daydreams
  22. Writing thoughts down more than speaking them
  23. Only pursuing human relationships after you carefully and for a long time contemplate whether or not they will be worthwhile
  24. Getting extremely annoyed when someone remarks how quiet you are
  25. Nature is your haven (again, can apply to not only introverts)
  26. Feeling stressed in large groups
  27. Is so quiet that people completely forget you are even there

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