The Happenings So Far

America’s foundational existence is at stake in 2016. Through the primary process and before the nominees for each party were decided, Americans had a chance to reverse what is going in the wrong direction. All the candidates that could have healed America have been eliminated and now we’re stuck with someone who doesn’t take running for President seriously and someone who does take it seriously, but only for the purpose of furthering her corrupt lifestyle and interests. My analysis of Trump is that he seems addicted to the competitive and attention-getting aspect of running for President, focusing less on real strategy and plan. Recently he remarked that if he doesn’t win it’s “OK” and he has a wonderful, great life to go back to. My analysis of Clinton is that she is a known name in politics, going back 45+ years. I also believe she never feels in danger of having to be accountable or answer to the law.  These long-time suspicions of mine were confirmed when the FBI cleared her in July for fatal errors that would have resulted in severe punishment if they were made by anyone else. The head of the FBI himself stated that she showed “no intent” of trying to endanger national security and that was his main argument for why she was cleared. But this doesn’t erase the fact that all this happened at her hands, she’s still guilty, even if she “didn’t intend to.” In the world outside the protected bubble of corrupt elitism, you are still punished for an error you made, regardless of whether or not it was accidental. I believe Clinton has no fear of punishment because she is under the wing of those who protect her. She is corrupt and America will continue to rot if she is given the Presidency. Her beliefs are contrary to what made America prosperous. Her subscription to Alinsky’s ideas are not widely known, but they are no less threatening. She is stern but articulate when speaking, but cold and unlikeable as a person. I join many Americans in the opinion that neither major candidate in 2016 supplies any real hope for America returning to a prosperous and revered country in the eyes of the world. If the top agencies of the U.S. government are making such detrimental decisions for our country’s livelihood, what are we? A people under slavery with no hope for justice. Justice has become a fantasy. U.S. leaders in the U.S. government no longer care about addressing the threat of ISIS spreading across the world, instead they are arguing about the politically correct response to issues and gender identity. Whoever the President is they must address the pressing problems that endanger the entire world, namely ISIS and they must formulate a definitive plan to wipe them out. Americans must become active in fighting evil forces and stop standing at the sidelines.


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