Ignoring The Real Threat Will Doom Us All

Tragedy (noun): an event causing great suffering, destruction, and distress, such as a serious accident, crime, or natural catastrophe. (The events in Orlando were not an accident or a natural catastrophe i.e. an avalanche without warning comes barreling down a mountain killing skiers)

Atrocity (noun): an extremely wicked or cruel act, typically one involving physical violence or injury.

Orlando was an atrocity. The murderous rampage was pre-meditated and thoroughly planned. There is obviously no dispute over the fact that the events that took place in Orlando on June 12th 2016 are terrible beyond words or comprehension.  But the media once again diverts the attention away from the core problem by attacking law abiding gun owners who are correctly exercising their 2nd amendment right. I would like to first point out that the owner of the gun shop to which Omar Mateen went to buy his guns affirmed that Mateen went through a thorough background check. He stated that he wished Mateen had not chosen his gun store, or any, for that matter, with the intentions he had. No one knew what he was plotting to do with them the next week.

Gun owners, the NRA and the 2nd amendment are not to blame. At the time Mateen bought the guns he was not a criminal and his record was clean. He used a right that all American citizens have and enjoy to do something wicked and depraved.

What we do know is that he shouted “Allahu Akbar” over the phone to the 911 operator just as he was preparing to murder 50 people. He was radicalized in allegiance with ISIS and spoke of his solidarity with the Tsarnaev brothers, who were the Boston Marathon Bombers. After the attack ISIS hailed him as a martyr and claimed responsibility. In December 2015, the San Bernardino killers were also radicalized and ISIS claimed they too were “soldiers of the caliphate.” They both had jobs in the United States and were well accustomed to American society. The same is true for Orlando killer Omar Mateen. He was born in America (New York) and was of Afghan descent and it is known that his father was a Taliban supporter. He worked as a security guard in Florida and legally owned firearms. The pattern that can be seen is that these terrorists appear to lead normal lives among American society. Omar Mateen in particular looked especially common, like a normal everyday person. The point is, it’s difficult to tell who is a radicalized ISIS sympathizer because they don’t make it known until it’s too late.

They are citizens of America who are inspired by the actions of ISIS around the world and will willingly carry out attacks against Westerners if they are called to do so. ISIS refers to these people as part of their “caliphate in America.” These are hardened people whose ideology is a driving force in everything they do. They want the utter destruction of the entire Western world. The 2nd amendment is not the real threat, gun owners are not the real threat, the NRA is not the threat. It is this faction of their ideology that drives them to commit heinous atrocities. In these dangerous times it would be utterly stupid to conclude that guns need to be taken from all Americans. Guns are our way of defending our person, and other people, and the ability to defend ourselves in this way is not a privilege, it is a right. Criminals will get their hands on any kind of weapon, regardless of the law, as long as their wicked heart is intent on doing evil.



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