It is true; Americans have become Materialists

no more

Other countries have noticed the complete transformation of America from a nation that tends to lead the rest of the world, to a country that refrains from any bold action. Some would argue America needs to stop trying to dominate and control the globe in everything, and others would argue American leadership and intervention is necessary in order to quell conflicts and maintain order. Whatever the feelings are, one thing has appeared that isn’t going to improve America at all: the obsession with the larger than life, vain atmosphere of the US. With the enormous privilege Americans have of being born into a virtually free country, thanks to the tremendous sacrifice of the generations who came before, they easily forget that people gave up many things in order to secure the way of life they now take for granted. They now indulge in material pursuits and not spiritual, intellectual, cultural, or traditional things of value and importance. As a result, this shift in focus towards the flighty, transient aspects of popular culture has desensitised the American public and especially the youth. Attention spans are shortening, and the ability to think and defend one’s beliefs (if any) has become weaker. This is not to say other countries do not have materialists and blind sheep following wherever the popular culture goes, but in America it is especially severe. America is quickly losing its value system and the bedrock on which it was founded.


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