What We’re Becoming

Recall the vision the founders had for America, pre-revolutionary war. They knew it was their time to form a unit and throw off the tyrannical rule of Britain. They had the will and spirit to do so and they defeated tyranny, even though their numbers were small and equipment was lacking. They won a war against a tyrannical power that wanted to subjugate and control. The founders’ vision for a prosperous land where people do what they love and work hard for what they love is the vision that they hoped would keep America from sinking into a state of tyranny again. They hoped Americans would cherish their freedom and be on guard to protect it.. not throw it away. Their idea of a ‘united states of america’ was unlike any other nation on earth. Started from scratch, born of patriotic people that wanted to make something out of themselves. If they saw our country now, what would they think? If they saw the riots, violence and aggression at presidential rallies, they would probably wonder, “is this really the country we founded….”. Instead of behaving in a civil way, we have people completely dismissive (or Ignorant) of our 1st Amendment, which Includes the right of free speech. In America, people can assemble wherever they want, and share whatever ideas they want and they can do that without having to fear being attacked or forced to vacate a rally by supporters of the opposing side. Once, a long time ago, Americans at large valued differing opinions and didn’t bash or use vulgarity against someone who disagreed. They acted civil and repsectfully disagreed without nearly killing one another. I’m not a supporter of Donald Trump, but it seems like Americans are largely ignorant of what the Constitution actually says with regards to our rights and privileges. This is proved time and again by the chaos and utter insanity seen on television.


One thought on “What We’re Becoming”

  1. The fact is that unless Trump is charging admission, it’s by legal definition a public, not a private event. Even if it’s in a rented venue. As such, any member or members of the public can protest, including inside, and their right to do it is Constitutionally protected. They can be asked to leave, and if they refuse to or resist, they are liable for tresspassing. If Trump even hints that committing violence against protestors is in any way acceptable, it is the legal equivalent of shouting “Fire!” in a crowded theater. By that action, HE abridges the First Amendment, not the protesters.


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