Most On-Edge Holiday Season In Years

The world has experienced lots of trauma in the past month and year. 2015, most people would agree, was the year that terrorism showed its ugliest face since 9/11 for the USA, and ever for France as a result of the Bataclan massacre. 2015 was the year that people realized ISIS is not just a JV team. They are a huge threat and want to overtake the world. The events of late have also showed us that the terrorism conflict is not just isolated to the middle east like it has been in years past, for the most part. It is in virtually every country now, every continent. The USA knows it has homegrown terrorist ‘sleeper cells’ pledging allegiance to ISIS and they’re trying to weed out these people as they show themselves, as San Bernadino is proof. Europe as a whole also knows it has many quiet terrorists: Ones that don’t openly proclaim they are a terrorist until the damage is already done and people then realize it. Germany, for example, Is seeing the effects of allowing 1 million refugees Into their population and some German villages are suffering. In some African nations terrorism has also created devastation in recent months. ISIS is right next door to them. Canada’s prime minister Trudeau has stated he will keep admitting Syrian refugees, which is his choice as leader, but could open up the door for unforseen threats and radicalized people intending to cause harm. This holiday season security measures are being taken to the extreme to monitor public activities. Some people have said they’re staying away from theatres and other centers of social life because the threat is too real-which it is- but terrorists who try to instill fear usually succeed. That’s what they do. The world is collectively trying to fight this fear they try to instill. Like our leaders have said, we can’t be afraid. There are measures we can take to protect ourselves and our families and be alert always. In countries like the USA, that allow the citizens to carry guns, firearm sales have surged.
The recent events shouldn’t take away from the joy of the holiday season, but they should at least remind us that safety should be a high priority for any nation, state, city, town, family.

“If we become afraid, evil wins.”


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