ISIS Tells France “We Will Be Coming…To Crush Your Country”


‘In a video posted on Twitter a militant with a French accent warns the people of France: ‘We will be coming. We will come to crush your country.’

ISIS has expressed continual disdain for the French President François Hollande, despite Hollande’s more aggressive rhetoric in promising to end  the terrorist group. ISIS has not shown any signs of intimidation despite world leaders uniting in a promise to exterminate ISIS.

” The video, entitled ‘Paris Has Collapsed”, threatened more attacks on the French capital, Paris, in addition to, and in similar nature to the atrocities committed on November 13.”

It appears ISIS has become even more emboldened by the French forces bombing the terrorist group in Syria, and even increases their thirst for retaliation, because the video shows footage of the Eiffel Tower falling, taken from a clip in a 2009 movie. Many people interpret this as a sign that ISIS intends total destruction of the city.

The ISIS member speaking in the video says, “You, Hollande…cannot win, you will not win.”

Now may be a good time to remind everyone that the U.S. President Barack Obama declared ISIS a ‘JV Team’, in other words, not a serious threat to worry about. Now, as we can see, those words couldn’t be more wrong. These militants believe victory over France has been promised to them…is this only the start of their attempt at entire Western World domination?



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