Is it possible for nothing to be objective?


And it has to do with the whole ‘absolute truth’ concept. 2+2 equaled 4 yesterday, just like it does today. So to say ‘absolute objectivity cannot be achieved’ is wrong. In mathematical concepts, for instance, there is always one correct answer, even though you may use different methods of arriving at that answer. Many professors today promote the false concept of the truth being whatever you want it to be. This is all a product of post-modernism. If the truth really was “whatever you want it to be” than what is the point of learning if you can never know how something actually occurred?

Even history has absolutes. Historians can dispute over what they think actually happened and how, but that doesn’t erase the fact that it only happened one way. You cannot erase history, as educational institutions in America today are trying to do. If we didn’t have truths, the world would be utterly confused and lost, even more than we already are.


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