Scary Problem

Ever noticed how far removed American youth are from their country’s problems? A new generation of Americans are becoming young adults.. Many of America’s young adults live their lives through instagram, twitter, or tumblr (even Facebook, although many have shifted away from it). 41% of teens age 13-17 use snapchat and just over half (52%) of teens in the same age group use instagram, according to Pew Research Center’s Teens Relationships Survey. With nearly 90% of all teenagers owning a cellphone or smartphone, it is astounding to discover how many of these “connected teens” are not really connected. Only a third say they follow what’s going on in government and public affairs “most of the time”. This is not good, to put it mildly. In an age where screens are a large component of their everyday lives, many teens obtain their political views from social media sites, especially twitter. Twitter is a hotbed for the progressive movement and many teens have been drawn to its dominating presence. Where will the future of social media land these young people? Many have suggested social media is not giving them more knowledge, it is merely diverting their minds to aimlessness. We also live in an age where the truth of a matter is not the factor of chief importance; it is whatever opinion you want to see as the truth. This can easily create problems in the future of leadership in America if we cannot properly identify a threat or the truth of a matter being the truth that is is, no matter how hard to accept.


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