Don’t Cover Up the Reality

It’s no surprise that we’re already living in an indoctrinated culture. Parents try to shield their kids as much as possible from anything remotely controversial. But therein lies the problem: do we want children being oblivious to what problems they’ll have to deal with in the future? It puts scales over the eyes of youth when a parent does anything and everything to avoid talking about ISIS to their kids because it’s too “gory” or “grisly”. As gory as their deeds are, it’s a threat we can’t ignore and even children need to know what could happen to their lifestyle and their country in the future if good people don’t step in and put an end to it. Won’t evil just keep advancing if they realize nothing is blocking their path? It is these same kids who will be defenseless if an attack should come to them in the future- “my mommy and daddy taught me guns are dangerous and have no place in the hands of ordinary people.” Well….remember all those European cities that were attacked by allegiants of the Islamic State? The police there died because they had no defense. Don’t teach kids guns are bad. When put in the hands of responsible and sensible citizens, they can only serve a noble purpose, and that is to protect. The school system is just as bad. School doesn’t educate anymore, they propagate. How are these kids supposed to be critical thinkers when school doesn’t teach them why something happened? Are they to be fed all this information without knowing the implications of it and what it means for them in the future? There are certain matters that have only one reason for why they happened. No open discussion or circulation of opinion can change the sole reason for its occurrence.

The material point in all of this is that reality is often brutal. We hate to face it, we hate to live in it. But if you keep a child in the shadows until he or she grows up, they will be terrified of the way the horrible world really is and won’t know how to confront it. Yup, the world isn’t as simple and jolly as they might have thought.


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