You Can Protect Yourself Sooner Than The Government Can

To all you anti-gun bellowers out there:
In the event of an immediate or imminent danger that threatens your safety, are you going to sit back and wait for the government to come to your rescue? You yourself can protect your own person quicker than the government can. Arming yourself is something that will never fail you. The government will. Any citizen that thinks the government is there to protect them In the long run is very wrong and very mislead. The government,  if given enough power, will eventually overstep their boundaries and cause you to be left without a means of defense. We see this with the Obama administration,  trying to ban certain types of ammo. If we allow them to do that much, what more will they do? The government should never be trusted. It takes just seconds to retrieve your gun and shoot whatever threat is before you. The government or any other official of the law will take minutes,  if not more. That is valuable time that determines life or death.


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