Have You Ever Noticed

Ever noticed how Hillary Clinton is constantly reappearing on news stories? Even if those stories are stupid and pointless? You may have noticed that they are almost always what I call “fluffy” news stories, anotherwords, they carry no real weight or significance. I have seen zero news stories from the liberal press digging deep into Hillary’s past, her scandals, philosophy, and the real core of her motivations.

The Media are leading most Americans astray. They are painting a harmless picture of Clinton, when in reality, she is very harmful. It’s like they’re shoving all the important stuff out of the way and replacing it with the stuff that doesn’t matter, like the Donald Duck Wesbite Error, or how she hugged and took a picture with a family and is therefore a great person who would be a great President.

That is not how it works. People are quick to make choices based on external activites and are too lazy to research what evil this lady has done, and has let happen. The statement she made during her Benghazi interrogation in January 2013 of “What difference, at this point, does it make?” will surely come back to haunt her, and it already has. The public was rightly appalled at this callous statement, after letting 4 Americans perish in Benghazi, Libya due to her foolish oversight and incompetence.

During the latest scandal of hers, the E-mail server controversy, she purposely concealed her server because she had something to hide. If she didn’t have something to hide, one would think that she’d offer it up freely for public scrutiny. Let us also not forget her letting her philandering husband sleep around with White House interns in the late 90’s. She proved to be incompetent in her job as Secretary of State. This family is harboring many dark secrets that the media will never tell you. They are crooks, liars, manipulative deceivers, and steeped in scandal and adultery. Hillary is wholly unfit for the job of the President.



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