It seems like Americans have a memory span of about 13 minutes. How quickly we forget things of importance. We are always after the newest thing, and anything before it is considered old, even though it’s not old at all– it’s just that the newest things are bombarding our attention.
When it comes to political matters, our attention span doesn’t even cover more than 2 years. People have no clue about events that happened in previous years that are the reason for our present state. Most of these people are just wholly ignorant of politics in general and then they go to the polls and see ‘democrat’ ‘republican’ and well, thats the end of it.
This is what needs to be corrected. People do not realize that things that we were warned about are now happening. Right now. George Washington in his farewell address warned of political parties, that they would cause great divisions. Do you see what is happening?
Thomas Jefferson advised the American people that America will prosper so long as Americans do not consider the government’s purpose is to take care of them. Do you see what is happening? We feel entitled. We think government programs are here to help us. We believe that government is the be all and end all of everything. When something goes wrong, seek government help. When, in most cases, government actually IS the reason for such disarray. The sooner people realize that governments are inclined to turn tyrannical, the sooner we will realize they can’t be trusted, and must be watched with a careful eye.
“A nation divided against itself cannot stand.”


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