Most Evil Killers: David Renz


SYRACUSE, NY, March 14, 2013:
47-year-old Lori Bresnahan and her 10-year-old daughter walked out of a mall the night of March 14, 2013 and little did they know the evil lurking the shadows of that parking lot. 29-year-old David Renz went to the Great Northern Mall in Clay, a suburb outside of Syracuse, while awaiting trial for previous child pornography charges. He removed his required electronic monitoring device so the crime he was about to commit and the location he was going to commit it in would not be tracked by police. Once Renz arrived at the mall, he parked his car and walked around the parking lot, where he found Bresnahan and her daughter entering their vehicle. He then forced his way into their car using an object he falsely proclaimed was a real gun and forced Lori Bresnahan to drive to a remote area of the mall’s parking lot where he bound Bresnahan to the headrest with cable ties. After the mother was restrained, he proceeded to rape her daughter by cutting a hole through her clothing. The mother is said to have shouted to her daughter to ‘bolt’ from the vehicle. The girl managed to escape and was rescued by a passing motorist. As this happened, Renz strangled Bresnahan and then fatally stabbed her repeatedly in the head and chest.
The judge of the trial had foreboding words of warning for Renz: “One day, you will face another judge. One day when you pass from this earth, another judge will impose a harsher sentence for the absolute evil you committed.”
David Renz has since been sentenced to life in prison without parole for 1st degree murder and predatory sexual assault against a child.
These kinds of evils are out there, people. They can pounce when you don’t expect it. Be alert.


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