Something That Must Be Made Clear


There is truth and there are lies. The truth doesn’t change depending on the person’s opinion.

You will meet people who think that a certain truth is null, because it is from thousands of years ago, or it is “outdated.” Or that a certain ideology should be revoked because it is from thousands of years ago, or it is “outdated.” Well I am here to warn you about this. Moral truths do not change just because it is 2015. You may have seen phrases such as this appear on social media: “It’s 2015 and there are still laws against (insert phrase here).” This is a chief sign of moral downturn in society and culture. Hundreds of years ago, certain laws were put in place in order to shape and support an upright, responsible society and country.

You may have noticed that these sound laws are being questioned in an attempt to toss away (I am mainly referring to the United States, where I live). These age old foundations for order and good moral judgement in society are fast diminishing. People here in this land no longer believe that they are accountable, and that the truth doesn’t matter. We see it in our Congress- our ‘leaders’ who sit in higher offices, belittling the heart of an issue. The people who should be leading an honest and forthright career as leaders in America are steeped in lies and scandal.

More people are now thinking laws don’t matter because they’re outdated, and that is a dangerous platform to stand on. If that is the way we are headed, so be it and God help us.


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