The Depraved Mind

I just read a news story this morning, March 23, and It was about a 12 year old girl who poisoned her Mother’s drink with bleach because her Mother took her iPhone away. Does this not speak to the entitlement of this generation?  I had a previous post dealing with this. We are raising a generation of diabolical human beings. Once upon a time, spanking your kid was the right thing to do. “Spare the rod, spoil the child” was how the saying went. Now, you could get accused of child abuse if you spanked your kid. But this child attempted to murder her own mother, after a (in my opinion) very light punishment of a phone confiscation was enacted.  (Why exactly does a twelve year old have an iPhone anyway?) My point is, you better expect things like this to keep happening if good old traditional and effective forms of punishment are seen as “cruel.” There is a quote by someone whose name I cannot recall, that said “If in infancy you treat children as gods they are likely in adulthood to act as devils.”
The punishment for this girl should be severe, and effective enough to teach the lesson that you owe your elders respect. If you disobey, there are punishments.


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