The Growth of ISIS & 21st Century Technology’s Influence On Their Cause

Without question, ISIS is the most serious threat of the 21st century so far. One thing, however, that makes them distinct from previous powers, is the availability of social media and developed technology to make it easy for them to recruit. With social media, virtually anything is possible. You are able to carefully craft a false message and deceitful imagery that will draw people in. The people, of course, fall for it and think the image IS puts out is really how it is in real life. Unbeknownst to them the snare they’re being lured into. Many have compared the terrors and genocidal actions of IS to Hitler’s time during World War 2. Both were equally horrible. Both used inhumane ways of killing. And one could argue (I align with this opinion as well) that they desire total world domination. Currently, ISIS has control of a third of Syria despite U.S. led airstrikes. It is clear they are gaining ground and growing quicker than we can stop them.

But social media’s profound impact on their cause is frightfully effective.With the use of Twitter, they can recruit from a world away, causing their message to be spread to almost every country in the developed world. Certain phraseology can be used in a way that it evokes an almost harmless, comical image of the IS, which is wrong and very dangerous to believe. Much of the radicalizing happens over the internet, with a significant number of targets being youth. Among Western nations, 100 Americans, 500 Britons and 700 French citizens have traveled to Iraq and Syria to join ISIS (and those numbers have likely increased). ISIS is adept at appealing to the masses through very sophisticated social media propaganda. But let us consider that the only people this barbaric and evil group would appeal to are those that are severely misguided, in desperation to belong somewhere. Lost, and looking for a sense of purpose, even if they have to do it through twisted and evil means.

The main thing we should all take away from this, is that the Islamic State means to do what they mean to do. They are firm in their resolve, even though it is nefarious and crooked. We should not dismiss this threat. One thing Americans can do, is own weapons to use in self defense. The 2nd Amendment is here for a reason. The time is coming when you may have to use it to save your life, and the lives of innocent people around you.


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