What does it mean to be an American?

What does it mean? Does it mean having been born here or were naturalized here? Or is there more to it? I think there is more to it. You may be an American by the basis of your being born in a hospital in America. But that actually has no grounds when you consider it deeper. Being an American entails much more. It means the type of citizen you are. Do you fulfill your civic duties that a proper citizen should? Do you know the basic fundamental values of our nation? Even more importantly, do you know why those values and principles were instituted and what they are there to protect us from? Many Americans do not, sadly. It is really very telling to realize that present day America is becoming what was fought In bloodshed to escape from: a tyrannous government. It is being eroded so gradually,  so subtly, that people do not realize it. And they won’t, until it Is too late. Many years ago,  one of the world’s most evil and dictatorial leaders said something to the effect of “the rights of the people should be taken away so gradually that they won’t notice…until it is too late.” You may recognize the quote as being by Hitler. To be an American no longer means to love your country to the point of giving up your life for it. The meaning has taken a twisted turn. Many people love America for the benefits It brings, and not what they can do to service fellow countrymen. Look around you; we are some of the most self centered and “me” thinking nations. Many people abhor the founding documents, the founding values this country is based on. Claims such as the constitution is outdated, and other such utterances are part of the poisonous message administered to the people of America. To be an American is to care enough about responsibilities, duties, and your country. At one time, people knew full well and were grateful for the hard-fought freedom that was won and enjoyed a peaceful, responsible lifestyle. Now all that has been turned upside down and to be an American in these times means something very different than what was intended.


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