One thing many people (including myself) cannot wrap their heads around, is why immigration laws In our country are not enforced. Even worse, why the administration gives a free ride and benefits to illegal aliens who break the law to get here. Many of them are carriers of disease. Measles, smallpox, and many other deadly viruses. Anyone recall the Measles outbreaks in the Southwestern U.S. in recent days? Reports of measles In Disneyland have been circulating. In any case, they infiltrate the crevices of our tax system, and essentially live a quiet life, but a leeching life nonetheless. They know they are here unlawfully and don’t want to be deported. Many are criminals. What exactly is being done to counter this herd of illegals crossing the border? Nothing. But many Americans stand unified on one point: We will gladly welcome immigrants who go through the legal proceedings. There are far too many dangers if we do the opposite, which is welcome everyone without legally admitting them. With all the threats of terror, it is inconceivable that immigration rules are as relaxed as they are. It is time for the officials in high places of government to do their jobs. Laws must be enforced. An unsecured border is a serious national security blunder.


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