We know it exists. It exists in the innermost recesses of the mind. It lurks in the alleyways. It disguises itself as honesty and uprightness in the outward show of man. It is the occassion for much grief. It tears apart what has been put together. It preys upon the gracious and tricks the well-intentioned. It weasles its way into places of power. It manipulates to evade duty. It puts on the guise of a nobleman while devising malpractice. It turns good against good. It is the intent to destroy. It wraps its claws around the weak and devours their conscience. It uses others as shields to conceal guilt. It rejects the truth because it despises accountability. It breeds warmongers. It inspires tyranny. It stirs the kettle of trickery and lies. It is the cause of the next horrific news story. It is the mark of disdain on an enemy’s brow. It is what corrupts good men. It slithers through a crowd of taunts toward the meek. It jeers at the achievements of others. It is the puppetmaster behind carried out propaganda. It is the helmsman that steers a nation into a sea of tumult. It is everywhere. It is hidden, and it is not. It is obvious, and it is disguised.


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