The Younger Generation

Ever go to a theater, mall, cafe, or any public place and see teenagers with their hands glued to their phones? You are not the only one. There is a reason why Gen Z is called “the out of touch” generation, even though they are literally quite in touch (they have the digital world at their fingertips). Unlike the generations that came before them, Generation Z has never known a world without computers or personal tech devices. This generation spans from those born in 1995-2012. This generation has a very distorted sense of reality. Communication is done largely through social media, and not face to face. Because of this, Generation Z has been the target of the most cyber-bullying. Depression and suicide rates among young people born between these years has skyrocketed. But there is still not much that is known about the generation. Lots of older people are concerned that maybe future leadership in America will not be as effective considering the enviornment this generation has grown accustomed to. Nicknamed the “Entitlement” generation because everything they know is instant gratification. Everything is quick, easy and can be done at the touch of a finger. Ideals of hard work and intensive labor to achieve things is not something this generation has known. This generation is also the one plagued with the worst music the world has ever seen. Triviality and flightiness in their pop culture I shaping these young minds to follow suit. There is more to be discovered about this Generation. But let us do all we can to shape them the way they ought to be.


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