The End

We all know the world will end. In the scriptures it suggests the earth will be consumed in fire and flame. But no one knows exactly when. It will come as suddenly as a “thief in the night” when it is not expected. With all the talk about blood moons as a prophecy that is currently being fulfilled, many people would argue that we are in fact in the end times.
In the end times “nation will rise againast nation” and “people against people” which is what is happening now, but in the history of earth it has always happened. There is no absolute and indisputable way to predict when the world will end, but the point is, it will. And with all of the inhumane things being done over in the middle east with ISIS, and all the uproar and stirring among nations and their people, would it be wrong to desire the world’s end sooner? Many people ponder the thought.


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